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Self authored, immersive training experiences.
Virtual Reality, Tablet, Smartphone & Desktop.

Use the power of 360-degree video, branching, customisable hotspots and gamification across multiple platforms - with ZERO coding.
Our Story

Immersonal was formed in 2021 by the Directors of Sentireal, one of the UK's top VR and AR software development companies.

Inspired by our customers imagination and desire to create their own fully immersive training experiences, we created Immersonal, the immersive training authoring platform for non-technical subject matter experts. 

Immersonal is a zero code, high speed authoring platform.

Our Experience

Since the inception of our sister company (Sentireal) in 2013 we have gained expertise and experience in the production of software applications which provide immersive learning experiences. We have won numerous awards and nominations for our work at both a UK and global level.

Immersonal takes that expertise a stage further and empowers non-programmers to create high quality, complex, multi-platform applications in minutes.

Our Clients

Our clients represent those from both the private and public sector on a local, national and international level, many of whom return to us for further development as they experience the benefits of immersive training for their staff.

Their feedback and requests were the driving force behind Immersonal.  A customer led design process that has delivered a best in class immersive authoring platform.

Who are we
Multi-Platform Creation

Create Immersonal experiences on Mac, Windows, Android or iOS.  

Use the large screen size of a desktop to create a complex multi-level, multi-room 360-degree training scenario, or use your smartphone camera and Immersonal application to create an immediate training example of a current real-world scenario.

Multi-Platform Playback

An Immersonal experience can be played on any platform - without modification.  Create a training experience and distribute it remotely for staff to use on their desktop PC (Windows or Mac), Android or iOS tablets and smartphones.  Use exactly the same experience in a VR headset for a fully immersive experience.

Damien Caldwell, Digitisation Consultant, DAMGEO

'Not much has changed in the eLearning space since Articulate and Adobe products became the 2D toolkit for most content developers. Immersonal has real potential to become a game changer in the eLearning arena - by enabling these same developers to move into the design of 3D digital learning content and shifting the goal posts in all directions. Virtualisation of eLearning not only needs to happen, it is expected - and Immersonal is the first application I have seen that could make this become a reality.'



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